Wednesday, December 28, 2022

FQCB Theme #18 AFCG Top Barnraiser Picks



FarmQuest Challenge Blog's Theme #18 ended at 12:30 am CT/Chicago time on December 27, 2022. There were 9 entries! Yea!

Congratulations to Maxine D, Esther A, and Karen F!!!

Entry #1 = Karen F

Entry #8 = Maxine D

Entry #9 = Esther A

Thank you to these 3 excellent cards showing us farming, outdoors, and pickup truck range for the Anything Farm Country Goes challenge! 

And special appreciation for the other 6 entries that also showed a diversity of rural themed projects! Very impressive!


Next theme #19 starts at 12:30am CT/Chicago time on December 28, 2022. It will end at 12:30am CT on January 13, 2023. Make sure to look for that post to see what is the required topic.

--Becca S 

FQCB Theme #19 Outdoor Snow Sports Events/Equipment starts 28 December 2022

 Howdy! Welcome to the farm--FarmQuest Challenge Blog!

Theme #19 is about Outdoor Snow Sports Events/Equipment

Requirements: ice skates, snow skiing and/or sleds (any type--saucer, toboggan, tubing), ice fishing, building a snowman, riding in a sleigh, etc. 

Competition runs December 28, 2022 until January 13, 2023 with 12:30am CT/Chicago or 6:30am UK for the start and end times.


Design Inspiration:

1. DT member NanaConnie=


[snow slope, snowflakes, sled, skiis and ski poles]

This card has adorably charming images to make you smile!

2. DT member Dottie S=

her blog =

[snowy texture, snowflakes, ice skates, sled, snowman]

and a 2nd charming card:

[snow swirls, snowflakes, snowman]

Both cards make you feel like you're outside experiencing a winter wonderland!

3. owner Becca S=

"Skiing To You" Winter Wishes card

1 of my personal crafting blogs =

[skis, snowy hill/mountain tops]

Thanks gals for wonderful wintery outdoor themed cards!

Remember there are many acceptable formats besides cards. See the blog's sidebar for the list of them.


Now it's your turn to go on a stash quest for outdoor snow sport event(s) and/or equipment!

Use the Inlinkz tool address to enter your submission(s). Each participant can enter up to 3 new themed projects per challenge. 



So long. Farewell. See you real soon at the farm.

FarmQuest Challenge Blog's design team and owner, Becca S.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

FQCB Reminder Theme #18 Anything Farm Country Goes competition started 14 Dec 2022

 Howdy! Season's Greetings from the farm--FarmQuest Challenge Blog!

Theme #18's Reminder/midway post has published on December 20th and will end on December 27th at 12:30am CT/Chicago or 6:30am UK.

The start date was December 14th. 

Anything Farm Country Goes (AFCG) just refers to anything rural country outdoors or country home topic related. Some of the broad topics covered since this blog began in late March 2022 have been: pick-up trucks; textiles/pattern designs/fibers such as plaid, checked gingham, burlap and denim; hiking/trails/paths; porch furniture; quilts; barrels; farm animals; orchards; cooking/baking; fishing; camping; and more. 

Design Inspiration:

from Guest Designer Janis Lewis:

How festive this tractor is! Christmas dinner next to decorating at the tractor! I also love the 55%/45% split background with the traditional red and green! Wonderful ideas shared on this card made by the ultra talented Janis! Thanks for your Guest Designer inspiration projects during 2022!!!


from FQCB owner Becca S:

Our family had a few station wagons while growing up in the 1960s-70s! We even had several vacations with our maternal grandparents traveling with us. They went with us to Pike's Peak, Royal Gorge, Mesa Verde, and the Grand Canyon when I was turning 7. Grandma was passing out chewing gum to us when driving up and down those Colorado mountains in order to help our ears with the pressure changes! Who else did that??? 

Lots of die-cut ephemera were mixed to create this nostalgic outdoors travel themed card.



Now it's your turn readers to become participants! Take a quest through your stash boxes, piles, folders, etc. even your digital files for photos and/or clipart! Create 1-3 new themed projects before the deadline (12:30am CST on December 28, 2022) and use the Inlinkz tool address on the Dec 14th main posting to submit:




Season's Greetings!

*Heart's Quest needs 1-2 more design team members to start for January 14, 2023. If you're interested please email Becca at =

** FarmQuest will have Theme #19 launching on December 28 and will end on January 13, 2023. If you have time in between holiday celebrations, please create and submit. Make sure to mark your calendars/phone/planners and check on December 28 after 12:30am CST.  

--FQCB owner Becca S and GD Janis

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

FQCB Theme #18 Anything Farm Country Goes starts 14 December 2022

 Howdy! Welcome to the farm--FarmQuest Challenge Blog's Theme #18!

Theme #18 is Anything Farm Country Goes

This doesn't just mean farming/ranching images. Anything that is rural country outdoorsy is fine! Topics covered since the start of the blog have revolved around farms, farmhouses/porches, gardens/orchards, hiking/trails/paths, camping, fishing, textiles like denim and burlap, textile patterns of plaid and checked gingham, pick-up trucks, wagons, etc. And it can be for any time of the year, too, like sunflowers, wildflower meadow, bee hives, catching frogs at the pond, etc. 

Competition runs from 12:30am CT/Chicago or 6:30am UK for these start and end dates: December 14-27, 2022.

Each participant may enter up to 3 new themed projects.


Design Inspiration

from Guest Designer Janis Lewis:

Surrounding the truck die-cut with the different leafy foliage patterns is a super idea! Helps create an outdoors-y look!

There's an idea for my husband and I to do--traveling/mobile Christmas party tailgate style!!! Adorable image! Thanks Janis for creating this fabulous card! And for sharing your marvelous talents with us several times since starting in late February! We value your support of our efforts at FarmQuest! 

from DT member Dottie S:

Isn't this perfect for this Anything Farm Country Goes theme?!!! The background paper has weathervanes (we've had as a theme option), windmill (we've had as a theme option), pick-up truck (we've had as a theme), and farmhouse (we've covered many things such as porch furniture, quilts, barrels, and more found at a farmhouse)!!! Dottie's even used a checked gingham ribbon!!!--another theme challenge back in the spring!!!


from DT member NanaConnie =

NanaConnie's Grammy's Attic blog

(this is a link to her December 11 posting for a Christmas card above and this DT card is in the link below)

This card has created a wintery outdoors scene with the birds, fence, snow, holly leaves and berries, and all surrounded with the grapevine wreath!!! What a precious Christmas card! Fabulous make, NanaConnie! And outstanding coloring done for the focal!


from FQCB owner Becca S:

I'm doing a rustic woods-y outdoor look with the pine needles, pinecones, and deer along with textile burlap and textile prints of plaids and checked gingham!

Thanks, gals! These are fantastic farm country creative projects!

Now it's your turn to participate! Use the Inlinkz tool address to submit your 1-3 AFCG projects! (Anything Farm Country Goes)



So long. Farewell. See you real soon here at the farm!
FarmQuest Challenge Blog
--from GD Janis, DTs Dottie and NanaConnie, and owner Becca


Tuesday, December 13, 2022

FQCB #17 Top Pick(s) Announcement

 Howdy! FarmQuest's Theme #17 closed about 16 hours ago. 

Table and/or Fireplace was the #17 theme challenge options. 

Only 1 participant with 2 entries, so a huge appreciative thank you to Granmargaret!! She's our only 'barnraiser' for FQCB Theme #17!!!!

Here are some small peeks that you can click on and enlarge for the fabulous creations Granmargaret made. 

Table option by Granmargaret

Fireplace option by Granmargaret

Again, a huge round of applause and shouts of Bravo!!! to Granmargaret for her consistent support of FarmQuest! 

--on behalf of FQCB's DT and owner

So long. Farewell. New theme #18 [Anything Farm Country Goes] will be released in 6 hours. (12:30am CST/Chicago December 14, 2022-same time on December 27, 2022)

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

FQCB Reminder Theme #17 Table and/or Fireplace ends 13 December 2022

 Howdy! The midway reminder post is many hours overdue. Sorry about that! 

FarmQuest Theme #17 started on November 28 and ends at 12:30am CST/Chicago on December 13, 2022. 

Theme #17 has 2 options that can be done together or you choose just 1:




My design inspiration reminder project:

FQCB's theme #17 launch post link=


So long. Farewell. See you real soon at the farm! 

FarmQuest Challenge Blog

--owner Becca S

DT members Dottie S and NanaConnie

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