Friday, June 14, 2024

FQCB #54 Theme of Farmyard Equipment starts 14 June 2024

 Howdy! Welcome to FQCB #54 Farmyard Equipment Theme!

We're looking for those small useful structures like wells, handpumps, windmills, etc. with your country charm. 

June 14-27, 2024 with start and end times at 12:00am CT/Chicago or 6:00am UK for time references.

Bragging rights are possible. Barnraisers Top 3 Picks are for 1-40 entries. Top 5 Picks are for 41-80 entries. 


The design team crew has done their stash quests and prepared these wonderful projects:

DT/owner Becca S=

project: old well


DT Nana Connie=

project: old windmill with the pump 'house'/barn

Classic country interpretations for theme #54!


Future participants: use the following Inlinkz tool address to submit your 1-3 farmyard equipment  themed projects for #54. Deadline is June 27 at 12:00am CT/Chicago. Bragging rights are possible. We have 3 tiers of recognition based on volume of submissions: Top 3 for 1-40 entries, Top 5 for 41-80 entries, etc. 



See you later. Fare thee well. Come back often for more of our country charm!

FarmQuest design team: NanaConnie and owner Becca


DT Call:

We would love to have 2 more artisans (bloggers and/or IG) who don't mind linking up/networking in other challenge blogs and/or Facebook crafting groups, YouTube video tutorials, Instagram, etc. If you love farm/country/outdoor/rural topics and creating themed projects before each 14th and 28th, then email message FQCB owner Becca Sadler =


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