Wednesday, February 14, 2024

FQCB #46 Theme is Martha Washington Quote to Inspire starts 14 February 2024

Howdy! Welcome to FQCB #46 Martha Washington Quote Theme!

We're wanting to see bee hives, farmhouse clocks, crickets, 1700s era housekeeper images, etc. 

Show us your farmhouse country charm.

February 14-27, 2024 with start and end times at 12:00am CT/Chicago or 6:00am UK for time references.


#46 Feb 14-27, 2024 (use the 1797 quote as your inspiration) “I am again fairly settled down to the pleasant duties of an old fashioned Virginia house-keeper, steady as a clock, busy as a bee, and as cheerful as a cricket.” (1797, Martha Washington) 

According to Mount Vernon and other historical websites:

She had control over the mansion house, the kitchen, the smokehouse, the spinning house, and the wash house.


Bragging rights are possible. Barnraisers Top 3 Picks are for 1-40 entries. Top 5 Picks are for 41-80 entries. Top 7 Picks for 81+.


The design team crew has done their stash quests and prepared these farm-tastic projects: 

DT/owner Becca S=

I chose to focus on the "busy as a bee" part of the quote. 


DT Nana Connie= 

Nana Connie chose to use a postcard souvenir from a vacation trip visit at MV plus a portrait image of First Lady Martha Washington for her #46 project.

Lots of visual clues/topics within Mrs. Washington's quote to connect with past or current country farmhouse charm. 

With all the format options that are accepted at FQCB, it will be very interesting to see how our readers interpret the quote. Happy crafting!


Future participants: use the following Inlinkz tool address to submit your 1-3 field themed projects for #46. Deadline is February 27, 2024 at 12:00am CT/Chicago. Bragging rights are possible. We have 3 tiers of recognition based on volume of submissions: Top 3 for 1-40 entries, Top 5 for 41-80 entries, and Top 7 for 81+. 


Both of our projects also fit the anything farm/country goes criteria at  FarmQuest General Store challenge blog and so will yours. You can enter over there too which will increase your chances for bragging rights!!!


See you later. Fare thee well. Come back often for more of our country charm!

FarmQuest design team: NanaConnie and owner Becca


DT Call:

We would love to have 2 more artisans (bloggers and/or IG) who don't mind linking up/networking in other challenge blogs and/or Facebook crafting groups, YouTube video tutorials, Instagram, etc. If you love farm/country/outdoor/rural topics and creating themed projects before each 14th and 28th, then email message FQCB owner Becca Sadler at=


check out the page listed on the homepage for the "Quest Family Blogs"


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