Friday, July 28, 2023

FQCB #33 Theme is Pigs (with option of woodgrain for DTCB collab) starting 28 July 2023

  Howdy! Welcome to FQCB #33 Pig(s) Theme!

July 28-August 13, 2023 with start and end times at 12:30am CT/Chicago or 6:30am UK for time references.

Bragging rights are possible. Barnraisers Top 3 Picks are for 1-40 entries. Top 5 Picks are for 41-80 entries. Top 7 Picks for 81+.


The design team crew has done their stash quests and prepared these perfectly charming piggy projects. This is a collaboration with Double Trouble Challenge Blog and their 'thing' is woodgrain. Use just a pig(s) and enter here at FarmQuest. Use just the wood/woodgrain and enter at Double Trouble. If you use both together, then you can link at both blogs!!! (which also increases your chances for Suzanne's drawing at DTCB).

DT NanaConnie =

FQCB #33 required pigs
DTCB required woodgrain picture frame paper/image

DT Dottie=

FQCB #33 required pigs
DTCB required woodgrain paper used for the soil around the barn


DT/owner Becca=

FQCB #33 required pig 
DTCB required woodgrain (paper and decorative tape)

THANKS!!! Snort! Snort! Squeal! Cute cards!


Double Trouble challenge badge and blog link:


Now it's time for our readers to go on their farm and country stash quests for pigs and/or woodgrain. Use this Inlinkz tool address for competing in FarmQuest #33=



So long. Fare thee well. See you soon at the farm!

FARMQUEST challenge blog design team

NanaConnie, Dottie, and owner Becca

P.S. FQCB participants can also submit their project over at our sister blog, FarmQuest General Store challenge blog. It's open until August 5th and then will close for almost 2 days and reopen early on August 7th. 

P.S.S. FQGS is anything farm and/or country goes theme of topics.

P.S.S.S. FQGS allows participants to enter 5 projects per competition month!

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