Wednesday, September 14, 2022

FQCB Theme #12 Porch Furniture and or Quilt

 Howdy! Welcome to the farm!

FarmQuest Challenge Blog's Theme #12's

Elements are:

*Porch Furniture



Remember participants may enter up to 3 new themed projects per challenge. Projects should have a rural country vibe. 

Several acceptable formats are listed on the blog's sidebar rules.


Design inspiration

from FQCB owner Becca S

Card #1= porch bench with jugs of flowers and foliage; a 'faux' quilt is folded over the bench

This was a quick and easy card using most elements and white card base from a card kit by Simple Stories. The kraft and black checked patterned paper is an old stash item and made the perfect little 'faux' quilt to be draped on top of the bench. Small foam pieces were under the bench and the vase seen on the left to allow the other vase/mug die-cut to look like they were sitting behind. 

I was able to use both theme topic options because of the card kit and my perfect little 2-tone block print paper! Just remember, your project must include one or the other or both to stay submitted for bragging rights possibilities. 

Competition time period is September 14-27, 2022 with the start and end times the same= 12:30am Central Time/Chicago.


Participants use the Inlinkz tool address to submit your entry/entries! 


***having an internet issue with Inlinkz at 12:15-12:20am CT, so I will publish this without a link and come back in later to edit it in. It might be minutes from now or a couple of hours. I have to leave at 7am to teach kindergarteners, so hopefully the delay of the link won't be too long of a wait. *****

FIXED! The Inlinkz was timing out. I had to wait and retry a couple of times in the last 30-40 minutes. 

Glad you are here! My apologies for the delay. Hope you will go on your treasure quests to find porch furniture and or quilt(s) for your projects! 


So long and farewell. Hope to see you all real soon at the farm! 

FarmQuest Challenge Blog


owner Becca S


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