Thursday, April 28, 2022

FQCB Theme #3 Basket and Cherries starts 28 April 2022

 Howdy! Is it time for a break? Time to stroll on a path, a garden walkway, hiking trail, a dirt road...As John Denver sang many years ago, "Country roads, take me home, to the place, I adore...." This time on quest is going to the orchard or the farmers market. For theme #3 at FarmQuest Challenge Blog, I need to see some kind of basket  AND cherries. , so I thought this would be a good combination to pair for this 3rd challenge.

     Welcome to FarmQuest Challenge Blog or FQCB! This is just getting started as of late March 2022. Please spread the word to your crafting friends that there is new kind of paper-crafting competition now in blogland!

     Theme #3:




(can be cherry blossoms, a cherry tree, cherry pie filling can, etc.)

Competition starts April 28, 2022 at 12:30 am Central Time/Chicago, IL USA and

ends May 13, 2022 at 12:30 am Central Time/Chicago, IL (or 6:30am UK).

**With the basket, it makes me thinking of walking in my aunt's orchard on summer days. Her husband's grandparents had built the farmhouse and to the south of the home they took time to plant a good size orchard. Having my baskets swinging as I walked from the house and coming back with hundreds of cherries is a sweet memory for me. What will be your inspiration?

Inspiration project #1:

Happiness Gathering Orchard Birthday card

A few design notes: more of that honey brown with white scattered dot print cardstock from Webster Pages was used here along with the journal card and the happiness text sticker (Spring Market collection: deluxe journaling card set and phrase stickers); the bright yellow print cardstock is a recycled packaging scrap; the cherry blossom branch and basket are free clipart images from the website The Clipart Library; the 2 heart shaped gems, red ink for edging, gold ink for stamping, and the HB stamp are from my stash; and the light yellow cardstock is by Neenah.

Inspiration project #2:

Picnic in the Country Orchard Birthday card=

Some design notes to share: pink cardstock base is 5" high and 5.5" wide; the honey brown cardstock does have white scattered dots and is the "B" side of a spider web print that I will probably not use that came in a clearance pack; and its from Webster Pages; the floral and striped print cardstock is from the Mint Berry paper pad from The Paper Studio that I'm working on bashing this year; the cherry and basket clip art came from The Clipart Library website and were free to download...I just had to size them small when setting up the print function; glitter paint pens were applied to the cherries and their leaves and also to the napkin cloth hanging from the picnic basket; the checked gingham paper is Paper Wishes/Hot Off The Press product. Stenciling the 'h' and 'b' gives me the shortcut for Happy Birthday.

The floral and striped pattern cardstock reminded me a bit of cherry blossoms so that's why I included it. Also because it has pink, red, and green. 

Participation:  Take a breather from whatever you've been doing and ponder about what's buried in your stash that you can resurrect for this #3 theme challenge at FQCB. Bragging rights to be part of the Top 3 Barnraisers is possible but you've got to post an entry. C'mon. Join the messy fun. I got ink lines on my fingers from inking most of the paper edges. Messy artistic fun is better than sweating doing canning or out in a bean field pulling weeds! :) 

     Inlinkz address for participating:


EDITED in on April 28th at 3:35pm CST==> Incentive prizes will be available if the entries for Theme #3 reach #5 and also up to #10. It would be terrific to have more than 10 but I know building participation for a new challenge blog can take time. 

These 2 rolls each of micro thin decorative tape are really cute and have sheen to them=

So long, farewell. Until next time, Becca S

owner of FQCB and HQCB (Color Heart #3 Challenge also starts April 28th and the color is orange. Also there is a new 13 day HQCB Valentine's Day Cards Challenge that can be found in the sidebar within the page options category. Lots of new creative endeavors for the blog world!!!)

Look for a FQCB Thanksgiving Day Card challenge coming for 13 days starting May 14th-May 27th, 2022!!!!

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