Thursday, April 13, 2023

FQCB Theme #25 Top 3 Barnraisers Announcement

 Announcement: FarmQuest's #25 Top 3 Barnraisers 

When: FarmQuest Theme #25 ended at 12:30am CST/Chicago or 6:30am UK on Thursday April 13, 2023

What: Theme #25 had 3 options: Frogs, Toads, or Mushrooms/Toadstools

Who: There were 12 submissions! This was a difficult process trying to whittle down the selection process to just recognizing 3 projects! The 3 Barnraisers are: Katrina B, Jose, and Zowie!! Congrats to these farm-tastic artisans!!

Bragging rights badge:

Congratulations to these 3 by reverse order of entry:

#11 = Katrina B/Scrappy Horses

#9= Zowie D/Art by Zowie (just the dapper dressed frog card)

#8= Jose/Voorbeeldkaarten

Thanks to all the farm-tastic artisans who took time to create these pond and wetland/woodsy scenes with frogs and mushrooms/toadstools!! It's been incredible to have such an amazing variety of interpretations with these 3 theme options! So fun to look at these! All the entries brought smiles to my face every time I looked at the submissions! Well done!


See you at the farm! FarmQuest Challenge Blog's Theme #26 will be released in under 3 hours!!

[P.S. Make sure to become a blog follower of FarmQuest's spin-off called FarmQuest General Store challenge blog that operates on a month schedule and always has 'anything farm/country goes theme'. Current month is April 7-May 5. Entry numbers allowed has been increased to 5, so make sure to double-dip with a FQCB make or another farm or country topic project!!!]


  1. Thanks so much for highlighting my project! Always a pleasure to play here at FarmQuest!

  2. Thank you so much for highlighting my card, I am so honoured and thrilled! Hugs Zowie x

    1. The frog card is my favorite however all of your cards are outstanding! Amazing work!! Thanks for playing at FQCB!


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